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Matt & Emma

are running 13.1 Miles!

for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation!

The 3rd of November 2013 my Fiancé Emma and I are to be married, we are fortunate enough to have our health, and the support and love of family and friends to achieve our dream day. We understand the personal and financial costs attracted to simply living with a terminal illness, let alone the additional cost of a wedding.

Naomi, the founder of the wedding wishing well, is the wife of a good friend of mine, and to see what she does to help others achieve the wedding of their dreams is nothing short of miraculous.

Running 13.1 miles is not even close to the battle some face on a daily basis, fighting a terminal illness.

If I can raise some money with your help, id like the contribute to making at least one happy day in someone's life.

Please Donate Below

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