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Nine year old Tyler-Jae is doing a sponsored

violin practice-A-thon throughout November. Her target is to do a total of 4 hours practice, not including her weekly lessons.

The funds raised will go to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, a foundation who help terminally ill people get married before it's too late.

The practice-A-thon is extra challenging for Tyler-Jae as she has hypermobility which can be a liability to musicians and causes aches

and pains to the joints during practice.

Tyler-Jae would be very greatful if you could support her

in raising money for this great cause by sponsoring her.

Click below to sponsor Tyler - Jae

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"We are delighted that Tyler - Jae is supporting The Wedding Wishing well Foundation whilst practising her violin which she clearly loves to do.

With her own condition to battle this is no easy challenge for her, without taking into consideration her age as well!

We wish you loads of luck Tyler - Jae and thank you so much for your support.

Naomi Thomas ~ Charity Founder

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