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Memorial Page

Unfortunately by running this foundation, it does mean that we meet many people who sadly pass away.

We would like to use this page to pay our respects to our lost Brides & Grooms.


Claire Dooley Aged 30

Ellie Jeffery Aged 29

Sadly Ellie never made it to her wedding day, she passed away just a few short weeks before.

Although she was not one of our applicants we felt it was right for us to show our respects. With her fiance Tom's permission we collectively felt her story being shown here would highlight Breast Cancer Awareness and show again why The Wedding Wishing Well Foundations work is so vital.

To read Ellie & Tom's story follow this link:

Tom has set up his own fundraising page in memory of Ellie, should you wish to donate please follow this link.

Laice Pinfield passed away November 2012

Laice sadly passed away before her wedding day took place. She was just 27 years old.

Her family describe her as a beautiful lady who had a lovely smile and would smile all the time.

Amy Hutin Shaw

Amy was working with us in the hope that she would be able to marry her finace abroad.

Unfortunately Amy was not well enough to even discuss the wedding and time ran out for them both. 

Emma Oakey

Emma was our first ever WWW bride. She married Steven in Scotland in December 2012. She passed away just over 8 months later. We are pleased that Emma & Steven were able to spend 8 precious months as

husband & wife.

Abbey Huggett

Our most local bride to date married her husband Paul along side their 9 year old son Oliver in a romantic vintage style wedding in Devon on 14th Sept 2014.

Abbey passed away from Secondary Breast Cancer just 2 months later.

Jake Herne

Married Sue in August 2014, he passed away 6 months later.

Joanne Bond

Passed away June 2015

Stephen Wood

Married his wife Emma on 4th September 2015.

Stephen passed away on 10th November 2015

Jamie Tanner

Beautiful couple from Bournemouth, Married at Sopley Mill in May 2016

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